Parlez-vous… English?

Dear English speaking visitor,

Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by. As you can see I keep all my blog entries in Bulgarian (at least till now), since this is the language I am most proficient in. Especially minding the literary and humourous aspects.

Bulgarian is the language of more than eight million people from Bulgaria, a country in East Europe (between Greece and Romania) and many people abroad. Many would say the language is like Russian. It’s actually vice versa.

The complexity can be compared with the complexity of Russian, Hungarian, Serbian, Romanian etc. Bulgarians use a lot of exceptions and dialects (even very hard distinguishable).

If you do the mistake and run the blog through google translator or a similar online tool, you’ll be very disappointed, probably because you won’t get the desired result. Furthermore the whole mind structure will be totally screwed up and the blog would now look like a blog written by a bald guy who slipped in the shower, while blow-drying his hair, hit his head on the rusty anvil under the sink and then decided to blog about the funny light he suddenly saw… :)

In the meanwhile you can check out my results of pointing a camera at stuff and pressing the trigger at the same time on Flickr. Thank you!

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